Bolle Festsäle, Berlin

COVID-19 Rules

Organising a conference in the times of the pandemic is not easy. We will be following the current regulations in Berlin to ensure you are safe. Additionally, to accommodate anyone’s safety needs, we would like to introduce the following point system.

Point System

During checkin we will provide red dot stickers that you can put on your badges.

  • Red = “Always wear a FFP2-mask when talking to me (also when sitting/outside)”. FFP2 masks will be provided.
  • no sticker = “I am happy with the hygiene concept of the conference”.

The idea is that people can easily communicate their needs to others. Please be considerate of each other’s feelings!


There is no requirement to wear masks at the event. Everyone must decide for themselves whether they want to wear a mask or not. Attention! Please be considerate of people who have a red dot on their name tag and respect their wish to keep the distance rule and wear a mask if you want to communicate with them.


We will provide disinfectant at the entry of the venue and in the sanitary areas.

COVID Symptoms

We kindly ask you to stay home if you have COVID-like symptoms. In this case we can offer you a refund on individual basis. You can request it by filling in the following form. If we notice that you are showing strong COVID-like symptoms or your behaviour is putting other attendees at risk, you may be asked to leave. In this case no refund is possible.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

We are closely monitoring the situation and might update our safety measures according to the overall situation and official regulations.

Last update: 18 Sep 2022