Bolle Festsäle, Berlin
Alisa Duncan

Alisa Duncan

Senior Developer Advocate at Okta

Alisa Duncan is a Senior Developer Advocate at Okta, a full-stack developer, and a community builder who loves the thrill of learning new things. She is a Google Developer Expert in Angular, a ngGirls core team member, co-organizes AngularKC meetup, and creates a curriculum for an organization that teaches women web development basics. When not coding or volunteering, she enjoys cooking, watching K-Dramas, and drinking a glass of wine.


  • A Practical Guide to Providers talk

    Angular’s dependency injection (DI) system is incredibly powerful, but it can be overwhelming. What’s the difference between useValue and useExisting? Why should one create an injection token? Where should one provide a service - globally, in a module, or in a component? 🤯 In this talk, we’ll cover Angular’s DI system at a high level and demystify the different ways you can provide services to your Angular app. You’ll get practical examples and real-world use cases that you can immediately apply to your projects.