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Colum Ferry

Colum Ferry

Senior Software Engineer at Nrwl

Hi, I’m Colum Ferry, a Senior Software Engineer at Nrwl, working on the Angular Plugin for Nx. I’m interested in architectural patterns with Angular and, more particularly, in achieving a Micro Frontend Architecture with Angular. I’m a married father of two rambunctious kids and I’ve lately turned into a huge Formula 1 fan!


  • Component-First Architecture with Angular Standalone Components talk

    Angular is releasing Standalone Components, and with that we need a new architecture approach. Component-First Architecture is where our components define and drive the user experience of our application. Anything that impacts the user’s experience should be handled via our components, as it is our components that the user interacts with. In this talk, I’ll describe what Component-First Architecture is, and how to implement it in Angular with the Angular Standalone Components