Hernán Magrini

Hernán Magrini

Engineering Manager @ Klarna

Hernán is an Engineering Manager at Klarna and a self-taught Software Engineer, who believes in lifelong learning and helping others learn new things everyday. Originally from Argentina, he co-founded and led the local Google Developers Group where he organized and spoke at several conferences, focusing on his favourite topics: performance, usability, and team/project scalability.


  • Scaling apps in two weeks with Angular talk

    Application scalability is a two sided coin: it has to scale with both your user-base and your team size. But when you need to start a project, you don’t know how big will it become – it could go from “small” all the way to “Google-sized”. With so many variables to consider, how do you evaluate if Angular is the right solution? What challenges will you face along the way as your team and project grow?

    This is the tale of how we went from nothing to a worldwide distributed platform, to a team 10 times bigger, from low traffic to 2M visits per day, and all the challenges we faced. And most important of all: how we set the whole thing up in 14 days.