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NG-DE 2022 postponed two weeks to October

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Hello Hello, :)

we hope you enjoy the first summer days and are already full of anticipation for our community conference! For this, we have an update for you, which has caused us a lot of headaches…

TL;DR; First things first:

We have to postpone the conference for 2 weeks - to the first week of October. We hope you will all still be there. If it does not work out, we will find a solution for you. Please contact us until end of June if you have a ticket that you cannot use at the new date.

What happened?

We started planning for the event back in 2019 and set a date for summer 2020. However, as we all know, events in this period were a bit more difficult to implement, and we were forced to postpone the conference. We decided then to have the event two years later, in September 2022. Since then, this date was fixed.

Now we and also many other organizers have the opportunity to make up for canceled events and dates. As a result, so many major events are taking place in Berlin during the planned week that hotel prices rose to €600-1200 per night and hardly any rooms are available. Of course, we don’t want to put you and the whole community through that, and such a circumstance completely misses the point of a non-profit conference.

We were faced with the challenge of finding a solution. The whole team worked hard on different scenarios and finally came up with a very good alternative. With a postponement of only 2 weeks and in cooperation with the hotels in the area, we can now make the event happen AND offer you affordable hotels right nearby. We understand that probably not everyone will be able to make this date as well, but it was the best alternative we could work out.

The new dates for the conference are now:

  • Tuesday, 04.10.2022 - Setup
  • Wednesday, 05.10.2022 - VueJS.DE Conf
  • Thursday, 06.10.2022 - NG-DE
  • Friday, 07.10.2022 NG-DE

New dates for the workshops:

  • Tuesday, 04.10.2022 - Workshop day: VueJS.DE
  • Wednesday, 05.10.2022 - Workshop day: NG-DE

If you have already booked hotels and transportation, please try to cancel and/or rebook them.

Please look for affordable hotels as soon as possible. We have otherwise been able to secure a contingent for you at the adjacent conference hotel:

Conference Hotel Abion (in the same building as the conference)

More recommendations nearby:

We hope you will join us on the new date, and we are very excited to have a wonderful conference with you this year!

If you have any other questions, please contact us directly!

Best regards

Martina, Toni, Joe, Maria, Carina, Sarah, David and Robin