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Alex Okrushko

Alex Okrushko

Principal Architect at Cisco CX

Alex is a Principal Architect at Cisco CX - Customer Experience. He is part of the NgRx team, GDE in Angular, @AngularToronto organizer and co-organizer of the official Angular Discord. In his free time, he loves to learn & share the knowledge, provides NgRx workshops and helps with - the TypeScript style guide.


  • How to use NgRx ComponentStore? talk

    By this time you might have heard about NgRx’s newest state management library, designed to help with locale state. You might have even enjoyed its elegant APIs. However you might still have one question: where and how can I use it? What are the best practices? In this presentation we’ll go over FOUR distinct use cases where this library can help. Understanding them will help take your state management skills onto the next level.