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Ana Cidre

Ana Cidre

Head of International Developer Relations at Auth0

Ana is Head of International Developer Relations at Auth0. Her passion lies within the developer community and how to make it a more diverse and inclusive space for all. In addition to her day to day job, she is the founder of GalsTech, a group to support women in tech in her local region Galicia, and ngSpain, an Angular conference based in Spain. You will probably find Ana on a stage, working on making the spaces she is in more inclusive and diverse, or playing with her kids.


  • Community === You keynote

    We hear about it, we talk about it and we’re a part of it: The Community - it’s more than just a buzzword. The developer community at large is an incredible place, and many people have benefited from being part of it. But do you really know the value of being part of a community group and how it can help you? Whether you want to participate in an existing community group, build your own or just want to learn more, this talk will go in-depth about the developer community. We’ll dive into what the community is, how you can be a part of it and how it can help you grow. I’ll also share some personal learnings and findings that I have discovered on my journey to building and being a part of various community groups.