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Ankita Sood

Ankita Sood

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Ankita is currently adulting in Austin, Texas - where she is also learning how to survive the aggressive heat and increasing rent prices. Depending on the weather, she can be found outdoors hiking, biking, paddle boarding, trying to pet other peoples’ dogs OR staying indoors reading a book. She has an avid interest in all things Design and Angular. She’s been a frontend engineer all her adult working life, which is approximately either 10 years or 100 years, because she has lost sense of time since the pandemic.


  • From Buttons to Breakpoints: A Deep Dive into Angular Material's Latest talk

    Angular Material has recently undergone massive updates - both stylistically as it is more aligned with Google Material 3, and architecturally - leveraging all latest Angular features. Let’s explore how to theme and customize an Angular application with the recent updates in the Angular Material World! Give you Angular application a complete makeover by customizing typography, build your own theme with ease - all without compromising accessibility and the user experience.