Bolle Festsäle, Berlin
Babarinde Odewumi

Babarinde Odewumi

Senior Software Architect at Abba & King Systems LLC.

Currently Senior Software Architect at Abba & King Systems LLC. I love designing and building simple solutions. Lately, I have been involved in designing user experience channels and middlewares for some of the most digitally inclined insurance companies in Sub Saharan Africa. Husband and Father of two.


  • Creating Mobile Apps without any Native knowledge - Angular App + Capacitor => Mobile App talk

    In this talk, We’ll share how easy it is to create a mobile app from an existing Angular app. From a single codebase used for either Web and/or Mobile web experiences, we’ll show how capacitor can simply help transform such app into an Android and iOS App deployable on the Play store and App Store respectively. All these without really knowing anything about Native …