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Cathrin Möller

Cathrin Möller

TNG Technology Consulting GmbH

Cathrin is a full stack developer, architect and UX and CSS enthusiast and working as a Principal Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting. She has a broad experience from multiple client projects ranging from mature enterprise projects as well as development from scratch. Therefore she knows common pitfalls and a lot of best practices.


  • The hidden challenges of run-time integrated microfrontends talk

    Microfrontends are a popular concept to simplify development in an enterprise project, where a large number of teams want to work independently. Ideally, at run-time we can orchestrate multiple independent parts to obtain a seamless application. Some real life experience with different integration patterns, using Angular Elements and Module Federation will demonstrate the challenges to be solved. Especially with multiple instances of the Angular Router you might encounter some pitfalls and limitations which are not obvious at first sight. This talk will demonstrate how a solution can still be achieved.