Maritim Hotel, Bonn
Robin Goetz

Robin Goetz

AnalogJs core team & creator of spartan/ui

I am a developer working with Angular, Spring and AWS. AnalogJs core team & creator of spartan/ui.


  • AnalogJs: The Vite powered Angular meta-framework talk

    This talk introduces AnalogJs to the audience. It gives insight into how AnalogJs takes full-stack Angular development to the next level. It shows how it adds file-based routing and Nitro powered API routes. It introduces hybrid SSR/SSG support & zero (or minimal) config deploys to cloud providers. Finally, it goes lays out clearly the technology driving the framework, Vite, and shows, with the help of Single File Components (.analog), how incredibly powerful it is. It compares AnalogJs’ embrace of going all in on Vite with Angular deciding to use Vite as a dev server, but ultimately keeping it an implementation detail of their CLI.