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Younes Jaaidi

Younes Jaaidi

Software Cook at Marmicode

Younes is a Google Developer Expert for Angular & Web Technologies. He is a trainer, eXtreme Programming coach & tech advisor who loves the challenge of boosting teams’ efficiency and helping everyone enjoy every part of their job. His experience convinced him that the key to making quality products is collective ownership, passion, and knowledge sharing. In his spare time, you will find him contributing to open-source software, writing articles or speaking at meetups or conferences… and sometimes sailing. His favorite trick? Adding features by removing code.


  • Cypress Component Testing - The Disappearance of Mr. Button talk

    In the fast but yet peaceful county of Jest, Mr. Button went missing but here comes Detective DOMinic Printer. The investigation begins and questions start raining: Was the change detection triggered? Is it just the wrong selector? Isn’t Mr. Button working in browser-land? By the way, didn’t we introduce a visual regression? While end-to-end testing with Cypress sounds like the natural alternative, it comes with other challenges related to the size of the investigation area. Join us on this case, where we will see how Cypress Component Testing bridges the gap between both worlds and helps us narrow the investigation to instantly solve the mystery of the missing Mr. Button.