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Younes Jaaidi

Younes Jaaidi

Software Cook at Marmicode

Younes is a Software Cook born in eXtreme Programming, which made him a passionate advocate of Collective Ownership, TDD and snacks in the office. He trains and coaches teams like yours to cook better apps. He’s also an NX champion, a Google Developer Expert for Angular and Web Technologies and a mediocre sailor. His favorite command is sleep 300; git reset --hard; git clean -df


  • Fake it till you Mock it talk

    How much do you trust the Mocks, Stubs and Spies you are using in your tests? Aren’t you tired of maintaining and debugging them, or trying to keep them in sync with the real implementation? Join us to see how Fakes and their fellow companions, Object Mothers, and Gloves might just become the pillars of your testing strategy.