Maritim Hotel, Bonn

Angular Architecture Workshop - Nx, Micro Frontends, and Signal Store

In this interactive workshop, we utilize the latest Angular features to implement a modern and maintainable architecture. We start with Standalone Components and discuss approaches to modularization without NgModules, such as monorepos, Nx, and Sheriff. Then, we explore the potential of Micro Frontends. We discuss when they make sense and how to implement them using web standards, the Angular CLI’s new esbuild support, and Module Federation or Native Federation. We proceed with Signals, local change detection, and Zone-less Angular. Subsequently, we integrate the new Signal Store to establish modern and lightweight state management. Thanks to its custom features, we can use the Signal Store to implement recurring, complex requirements with just a few lines of code. By the end, you’ll be equipped to design modern and maintainable Angular solutions.
Trainer and Consultant • GDE in Angular
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